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Jon Kikel


Jon is the Co-Founder and CEO of Innomax Home Solutions and Innomax Investments. 

He is also the Co-Founder of the FMK Foundation. Formed with his sister, Jenn, in honor of their late parents Frank and Marlene Kikel. 


Jon, like his sister, Jenn, have real estate in their blood. Following their Mom, Marlene’s footsteps since she was a successful agent for many years. He is passionate about helping working class American’s achieve their dream of home ownership through his affordable “lease to own” programs. He also works with Investors seeking real estate secured passive income allowing them to grow their investments at a safe accelerated rate. 


During his 20 years in real estate he’s won multiple awards as a top performer. Now as a full time investor, Jon is dedicated to running his 130 single family home portfolio with a vision to eventually own 300+ properties. Jon enjoys coaching and mentoring other investors in person, online and through podcasts. 

One of Jon’s greatest passions is researching, exploring and advocating for mental health and trauma healing modalities to help impact the current mental health crisis in this country.

Having experienced significant loss as a child, Jon has had a unique calling to help civilian mental health and trauma sufferers heal and overcome their circumstances and injuries. Jon believes if some of these modalities would have been available to his parents that they could have been life saving. 


Jon believes his ultimate calling is to help individuals and families through FMK and other initiatives improve their mental health by finding the most effective ways to heal and treat unresolved trauma. Jon has had great success healing from PTSD by utilizing alternative medicines many people are unaware of. Through his healing journey he has become a resource to people looking to educate themselves on traditional and alternative therapies available. There are alternative medicines rapidly emerging as breakthrough treatments for PTSD, depression and anxiety through current FDA trials.


In his free time, Jon can be found playing hockey, surfing, traveling, exploring Miami his new home or staying on top of the newest developments in personal growth and development. He is committed to implementing new tools, techniques and technologies to advance himself and those around him. 

Stop by and connect with Jon on LinkedIn, or through the FMK Foundation.

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