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Jamie Hinckley headshot.jpg

Jamie Hinckley

Committee Member

Jamie was born with the passion to help others and loves everyone deeply. She has spent 24 years in the mortgage industry, currently the “Chief Heart Officer” at City Creek Mortgage, caring for the hearts of her employees, her community and her business partners. 


In 2020, Jamie found herself in a relationship that was unfamiliar to her. She shared space with a partner through his deep depression, self isolation, uncontrollable anxiety, rage and experienced being retained in rooms while terrible words were said in an attempt to dim her light and control her. Jamie found herself walking on eggshells to keep the peace for her children, while trying to pour more love into a man that wasn’t willing to get help himself. September 2021 Jamie was retained in the garage of the home they moved into together two months prior, in an attempt to leave him in one of his rages, she drove through the closed garage and minutes after her partner took his life over the phone in an attempt to get her to come back. She turned to EMDR therapy, Shamans for spiritual awakenings, surrendering to the help of family, friends and strangers. While Jamie believes in several healing modalities she has found a love for breathwork and somatic healing with her dear friend Michelle Raines. 

Jamie and Michelle are determined to break the generational cycle that tells men to suppress how they feel, that crying makes you weak, that controlling women gives you power. Together they are 

on a mission to create a safe place for men to remove their masks, to feel again, to find a healthy balance with the Masculine and Feminine, to stop numbing old traumas and pain through addictions. They are also supporting the women that have survived relational traumas.


Jamie began her 6 month journey to becoming certified in Somatic Coaching February of 2023. She is very excited to be working side by side with her friend of twelve years, Michelle. 

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